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Liz Nord's article on Why Being Jewish is Punk Rock

Oy Oy Oy Gevalt: Punks Practice Judaism With Musical Rebellion
by Michael Croland

The JE article with the best headline ever: Shira is a Punk Rocker

Hear an excerpt of Director Liz Nord's interview on Doc Talk Radio.

Mohawks, stage diving, fists flying. Homemade band t-shirts, circle pits, singalongs. These scenes are not unfamiliar; They have flooded pop culture imagery for over 25 years. The punk rock ethos gains new relevance in Israel when band members' choices are often between picking up a guitar or picking up a gun.

Jericho's Echo introduces us to some of the colorful characters of the little-known Israeli punk scene, and gives us insights into their lives through interviews, verite' scenes, and live musical footage. The young people in these bands represent the future of this important region, and their views are not those usually portrayed by the mainstream media.

A topic that figures greatly in these young punks' lives is the decision of whether or not to fulfill their mandatory military service. One of the only ways to avoid service is to undergo evaluation by the Military Psychiatrist and be legally deemed psychotic. This is the route that many punks have decided to take. The implications of this decision are thoughtfully covered in the documentary, along with topics ranging from the Israeli Religious Right, to suicide bombings and the future of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Ultimately, Jericho's Echo displays a positive message by showing the perseverance of these relative outcasts to make their art and make changes in society despite the pressures to conform and the difficulties of living in a seemingly un-ending war zone.