Limmud LA
Hilton Orange County
Costa Mesa, California


Spring 2009 Israeli Palestinian Film Festival

UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA



3/05 Sneak Preview: Victoria Theatre, San Francisco, CA USA
4/05 Festival Screening: DocAviv, Tel Aviv ISRAEL
5/05 Festival Screening: Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Toronto CANADA
7/05 Festival Screening: San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, San Francisco, CA USA
8/05 Festival Screening: San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, Berkeley, CA USA
9/05 Northwest US Tour: Bijou Theatre, Eugene, OR USA
9/05 Northwest US Tour: Capitol Theatre, Olympia, WA USA
9/05 Northwest US Tour: DIVA, Eugene, OR
9/05 Northwest US Tour: Grand Illusion Cinema, Seattle, WA
9/05 Northwest US Tour: Liberty Hall, Portland, OR
9/05 Festival Screening: Calgary International Film Festival, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
10/05 Canadian Theatrical Release: Cinema du Parc, Montreal, CANADA
10/05 New Filmmakers Series: Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY USA
10/05 Northeast US Tour: Manlius Cinema, Manlius, NY USA
10/05 Northeast US Tour: Cornell Cinema, Ithaca, NY USA
10/05 Northeast US Tour: Syracuse JCC, Syracuse, NY USA
10/05 Northeast US Tour: Makor, New York, NY USA
11/05 Festival Screening: Boston Jewish Film Festival, Boston, MA USA
11/05 Festival Screening: Detroit Docs International Film Festival, Detroit, MI USA
11/05 Canadian Theatrical Release: Bloor Cinema, Toronto, ON CANADA
12/05 Festival Screening: Washington DC Jewish Film Festival, Washington, DC USA
12/05 Festival Screening: Dream & Trauma, House of World Cultures, Berlin, GERMANY
02/06 Festival Screening: Not Quite Kosher Film Festival, San Diego, CA USA
02/06 Canadian Theatrical Release: RPL Film Theatre, Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA
03/06 Festival Screening: Pittsburgh Jewish Israeli Film Festival, Pittsburgh, PA USA
03/06 European Tour: Sunny Red , Munich, GERMANY
03/06 European Tour: Moviemento , Linz, AUSTRIA
03/06 European Tour: Alte Gerberei, St. Johann/Tirol, AUSTRIA
04/06 European Tour: Never Conform Festival, Bregenz, AUSTRIA
04/06 European Tour: K4, Nuremburg, GERMANY
04/06 European Tour: AZ Conni, Dresden, GERMANY
04/06 European Tour: Eiszeit Kino, Berlin, GERMANY
04/06 European Tour: AJZ, Neubrandenburg, GERMANY
04/06 European Tour: Lichtmess Kino, Hamburg, GERMANY
04/06 European Tour: Cobra Kino, Solingen, GERMANY
04/06 European Tour: Nexus, Braunschweig, GERMANY
04/06 European Tour: Gerbertrasse, Weimar, GERMANY
04/06 European Tour: Cinema Munster, Munster, GERMANY
04/06 European Tour: Apollo Filmtheater, Aachen, GERMANY
04/06 European Tour: Ex-Haus, Trier, GERMANY
04/06 European Tour: Filmhaus, Saarbrucken, GERMANY
04/06 Special Screenings: Brooklyn Academy Of Music Israeli Film Series, Brooklyn, NY USA
Special Screenings:Red Vic Moviehouse, San Francisco, CA USA
05/06 Festival Screening: Stockholm Jewish Film Festival, Stockhom SWEDEN
05/06 Festival Screening: Warsaw International Film Festival,
Warsaw, POLAND
05/06 Festival Screening:
Mission Creek Music and Art Festival, San Francisco, CA USA
09/06 Festival Screening:
DOCSDF, Mexico Int'l Documentary Festival, Mexico City, MEXICO
10/06 Festival Screening:
MOFFOM, Int'l Festival of Music Films, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
10/06 Festival Screening: Turks & Caicos Int'l Film Festival, CARIBBEAN
11/06 Festival Screening: Exground Film Festival, Wiesbaden, GERMANY
Special Screening: Houston Indymedia, Houston, TX, USA